Remely Place – Dewart, PA

Remely Place is located in the Village of Dewart, PA in Northumberland County. ¬†According to a market study by the Danter Company and supported by the latest census data, 29% of the residents in Northumberland County are paying in excess of 30% of their families’ income for non subsidized housing and utilities.

The development consists of 20 energy efficient, three bedroom single family homes, all of which are located within walking distance of the Post Office, restaurants, and a convenience market.  This provides for additional transportation savings for its residents as wella s having a positive economic impact on local merchants and an increased tax base for the community as a whole.

The AHP subsidy amount requested was determined by calculating the additional down payment required, which in addition to all other sources (Homestead Act 137, Seller Contribution) will provide an affordable first mortgage payment for households of between 50% and 80% of the state’s average household income.